Education documentary

Question: How much longer can our current outdated education system persist? This documentary sheds light on the shadows within the educational landscape. Why have classrooms remained stagnant for 300 years? How did mass education in classrooms originate, and why is education compulsory? This system emphasizes performance and selection, creating immense pressure on students that leads to detrimental outcomes like depression and burnout.

'Under Pressure 1: The Problem' was created by Dutch filmmaker Zeno Groenewegen, inspired by the adverse effects of the education system on his eldest daughter, who experienced a burnout. Experts interviewed in the documentary describe it as a system that erodes fantasy and creativity, hindering the development of children's personalities. While experts critique the system, they also present innovative ideas and examples for a more effective educational paradigm. This alone makes the documentary a must-watch! Explore further into alternative teaching methods in part two: 'Alternatives for Better Education' (coming online soon).

Disclaimer: The original documentary featured interviews in Dutch, German, and English. Through AI technology, all participants now speak English.